Ultimate Levels



ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 DR introduces an exciting new world of elevation measurement and levelling. In terms of time, profitability, and simplicity site measurement tasks change dramatically with its use.
Readins are given on a clear digital display as being above or below your reference point and accurate to the nearest 0.2mm in height. The biggest challenge is to adapt thinking away from the "set it up and don't touch it" requirement of the past to getting the best out of an instrument which will permit you to "pop out to take a level" as you would to buy a sandwich.



High Precision (HP) Operation
With it's new dual range capability ZIPLEVEL can now read the thickness of a business card, the height of a new mountain or anything in between. No other instrument in the world will level or read elevations over any distance or elevation on Earth either indoors or out, without tedious tabulation math, line-of-sight, distance error and factory calibration. Now contractors can use the sub millimetre performance of ZIPLEVEL over a 1.2m vertical range and unlimited differential levelling ranges to a precise level, set pool negative edge or read floor or foundation deviations. Engineers can easily detect real time beam, floor, or bridge deflection. Plants can precisely level equipment and shops can build projects of any size without line-of-sight or distance error. The possibilities are endless.

Direct display in easy to read digits
Save time and frustration

Take elevations without pencil and paper or even calculations
Imagine reading the day's work over a cup of coffee at your desk

A one man operation and you can carry the 5kg instrument tucked under your arm.
Be totally independent. Your instrument. Your decisions. Your time.

Measure deep dark holes and trenches in seconds. Read behind buildings, machinery, over hills, inside buildings
Such simplicity. No setting and resetting and complicated calculations. Make life easy - don't you deserve it?

Hand held module, (drop tested at 5 feet onto concrete), can be used in the rain.
You control your work programme and lack of repair bills.

Distance is unlimited.
Your legs are the controlling factor as to distance to be covered.

Sets up in seconds. Simply zero at your chosen benchmark and start reading.
Imagine taking a reading 30 seconds after you arrive - what IS your time worth

Forget about calibration. If you ever wish to do that you can do it anywhere - any time and at your convinience.
You do it yourself if ever the need arises. No cost - and only about 2 minutes.

Reduce errors. The clear display itself does that, but should a unit be bumped or knocked and moves say 2mm, that is the continued error. There is no magnification with distance as there is with tripod based machines.
Work with confidence and surely - something that can be hard to get.