The ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 DR is manufactured by Technidea Corporation, USA.

The New Zealand exclusive agency is held by Ultimate levels ltd in Christchurch

Using a ZIPLEVEL ® is a true one man operation and allows elevations to be taken literally 30 seconds after arriving at the site.

It is a light weight easily carried and consists of two main parts: A Base Unit and measurement module. These two components are connected by a polymer cord 30 metres in length. These components are housed together when not in use.

In brief the level operates by measuring the difference in elevation between the two units. Readings are relative to a 'zero' reference. You can set within 6.0 metres above or below the base unit.

There is no limit to distance between elevations, or is there a limit to maximum or minimum elevation. The only restricting factor is your preparedness to walk.

Digital Display. Precise within 2mm / In the dual range precise to 0.2mm
The dual range (DR) is accessed by depressing 2 buttons on the MM unit.
Readings may be taken by using the hand unit directly on to the areas required, (e.g. boxing) or may be screwed to a unipod and read at about waist level at the points required.

Apart from direct reading ability the level has 16 different functions to assist users.

Readings may be taken in any scale - (feet, inches, cm, metres etc) and in 3 seperate resolutions.

ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 

A height precision option