Unipod Carpet Tip Kit

Foundation inspectors, engineers and contractors use the Carpet Tip for low force penetration of carpet to deternine true foundation elevations. The Carpet Tip is easily installed on standard ZIPLEVEL or Compulevel unipods. A captive protective sleeve allows transition to non-carpet surfaces for mar-free measurements. Comes complete with three replacement tips and instructions.
*Price on application

High Precision Option

The High Precision (HP) ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 has ten times the vertical precison (0.005" or 0.1mm) over one tenth the vertical range (4' or 1.22m) of the standard ZIPLEVEL. With careful measurement the HP ZIPLEVEL can resolve readings to within the thickness of a sheet of standard typing paper. It is intended for use in calm air and isothermal conditions typcally found indoors. Outdoor use may be satisfactory if the air is calm and use is out of direct sunlight such as in full shade, heavy overcast or during early morning, evening or night. Applications include precison leveling for plant equipment, high precision elevations for foundation settlement and scientific research.
*Price on application

High Precision PRO 2000 DR-B

Comes with a 25 metre cord + userguide.
Functions are the same as PRO 2000 DR except the shorter cord + no accessories (unipod, stakes)
This is a cheaper option.