Arrow International is managing the Quake damaged houses for AMI Insurance,
The ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 has greatly increased their assessment process> Neil Laurenson Senior project manager at Arrow loves the Zip Level as it is a one man operation, does not require line of sight and can measure around corners, up and down stairs even down holes, all things that you cannot do with a lazer level.They are saving us 2 hours per hours which means over the months to follow will be saving both companies hours of labour.

Other comments

Particulalrly suitable for small builders doing self contained work

As a builder for many years. This level is truly outstanding, it has saved hours. Mistakes have been eliminated. This level revolutionizes the awkward set up of laser levels

The lightweight and simple digital display make it easy for our staff to take all the levels they want without cumbersome tripods and staff.

Really suitable for the hill work we do. The Zip Level saves heaps of time and therefore money in checking sites.

Corporate buyers of the ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 include
Arrow International, MWH/Mainzeal, Calder Stewart, Davis Ogilvie, Housing New Zealand, Maxim1, Powell Fenwick, Plus many other builders, Architects, repilers, engineers etc.