ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 is a proven technology that has been in use for nearly a decade. It is built to withstand the effects of impact, abrasion, humidity, temperature and sunlight. Estimated service life is from one to three decades depending on care

Unlike conventional levels, ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 never needs factory calibration. Each time you press its ZERO key you've done the equivalent of factory calibration of a conventional level. ZIPLEVEL's CAL key lets you do the equivalent of calibrating the accuracy of a conventional rod.

ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 seldom needs service due to breakage or cord damage.

ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 contains a proprietary hydrostatic liquid and pressurizing gas. Like the air in pneumatic tires, the proprietary pressurizing gas will diffuse out of the elastomeric cord over a period of about four/five years. When ZIPLEVEL needs a gas recharge or in the unlikely event that its tough Cord is cut or punctured, "Cord" will flash on its display. If your ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 or Compulevel has not been damaged and is flashing "Cord" it may be possible to temporarily continue use by frequently rechecking your measurements and zero reference for repeatability. If damaged or if flashing "Cord", ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 must be returned to the repair centre for service.

Our recharge includes replacement of the hydrostatic liquid, re-pressurizing the ZIPLEVEL, replacement of cord, reference cell or manifold if necessary, recalibration, performance evaluation, thorough cleaning, packing in new packaging and courier returned.


All new ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 product comes with a one year factory warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship (see User Guide). All service procedures and materials are provided with a one year factory warranty.


  • Remove the ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 stakes and unless the Unipod needs service remove it as well to reduce shipping weight.
  • Package your ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 in its original packaging if possible. Otherwise, wrap your unit in at least one inch of padding and pack into a strong corrugated box.
  • Include your name, address, telephone number, fax number, a brief description of the problem and any special instructions.
  • When your ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 arrives we will contact you at your request with an estimate of repairs and typically complete your service within 24 to 48 hours. We return all product by courier.

Avoid returning your ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 unnecessarily. Some units have been returned with a dead battery, in a function unfamiliar to the customer, accidentally miscalibrated or with a normal enunciator flashing. If your ZIPLEVEL ® PRO - 2000 is sounding a steady tone with a flashing fraction bar simply press the Mark key for at least two seconds to exit the Mark function. Alternatively, if the unit was left in an unfamiliar function, initialize your unit by pressing the entire top row of keys for at least two seconds and recalibrate. If still in doubt about the need for service please refer to the User Guide, call our number or email us and our capable staff will be pleased to assist you.